Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lack of Posts

Afternoon everyone! I apologize for the several days worth of no posting, couple of reasons for that. 1. My sister had twin boys early Sunday morning, they were a bit early and unexpected, but doing well. 2. I am in my final 2 weeks of a summer class and a bit overbooked. 3. The recipes I have made have been nothing to write home about, disappointing actually. I made a turnip and potato gratin that we are still trying to finish, it may be sauted with some eggs tomorrow for breakfast. It was ok, a recipe from, a bit bland and soupy. Then, I made another recipe from, an EatingWell pasta recipe with kale and pasta, garlic, spinach, and a bit of cheese. Ugh. It was SUPER bland, and I may have sent the hubs with the last of it to work today because I couldn't handle eating one more bite of it. I covered it in pepper for him. Lesson of the weekend: Just because it is from food network, does not mean it is a good recipe. We have been up to our ears in leftovers. I finished the last of the minestrone today for lunch, the pasta is gone, and the potatoes are going to be breakfast. Finally. And just in time for a new box.

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