Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Box, Another Week

So this is last week's box, I haven't even gotten to go pick up my new box from G this week yet. My computer had a nasty trojan virus that my dad thankfully fixed, and I spent a few days with my sister and her gorgeous new twin baby boys. They came home Saturday and I spent a few days making them some freezer pleasers as well as baked oatmeal and cookies. It was funny, I cooked meat for the first time in quite some time, but it all came back to me rather quickly. I love to cook and it was a perfect time for me to use my enjoyment to help others.
So, I will attempt to recap my past week and usage of veggies. I think I used everything but the carrots and fennel again. G's wonferful son even picked me some raspberries! And look at those beautiful beets! Last week we got:
garlic scapes
summer squash
broccoli rabe
I sauted the escarole with some olive oil and garlic, then added some vegan sausage to the mix. Served it was some pasta and a rose sauce (spaghetti sauce with some ricotta cheese, a touch of half n half, and a pinch of parmesan cheese). the rose sauce was tasty, my favorite sauce, and the escarole was different. Skot said it was ok, perhaps better with more sauce, a bit bitter. Everything I looked up had the escarole mostly sauted that way, though perhaps I could have added more garlic. Meh, we'll try something different next time.

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