Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our First Guest Blogger: Salads

Please welcome our guest blogger, my farm share share-er, G. She has some great, kid-friendly recipes to share with us.
Wow, am I ever thankful for the wonderful harvest this year, and for kids who have been cheerful about trying new vegetable recipes. With three small kids underfoot, our trips to the farm and my time in the kitchen have been a challenge, but the enjoyment of eating good, fresh food is a piece of cake... or maybe I should say cucumber! Here are two busy-mom-proof, kid-friendly salads, but I'm pretty sure other people would like them, too! Cucumber & Watermelon Salad Several cups chopped watermelon Several cups peeled and sliced cucumbers (remove seeds if they are large) 1/4 cup or less balsamic vinegar with sugar and salt to taste Combine melon and cukes gently. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar mixture to taste (perhaps less for kids, more for the adventurous). I think a sprinkle of feta on top would be tasty, but I skipped that idea as this salad was making the trip to a picnic in the heat. Also, I wouldn't make this TOO far ahead since the melon and cukes both expel LOTS of their water over time. "Duke" (Dill + Cucumber = a salad version of tzatziki sauce) 2 Peeled, sliced cucumbers 2 Sliced green onions, just the white and light green parts Lots of fresh dill Sprinkle of salt About 1/2 cup plain whole milk yogurt (or sour cream) Mix & serve!

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