Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dissapointing Recipes

I thought I would post some dishes that I was not too fond of, but something to get the ol' noggin''s juices flowing for future ideas. Lots of people who have mentioned reading my blog say that they enjoy it for new ideas to spice up their weekly rotation. I have never really been a weekly rotation kind of person, though I did grow up in a house like that. I do not have kiddos though which probably lends itself better to exploration menu planning. So these dishes are posted to serve as more of a jumping off point, not a "make this for dinner" type post.
With my abundance of beets I thought the sweetness of beets would go nicely with the spicyness of curry. So I googled beet curry, which only brought up about 3 recipes. I kind of freestyled it, throwing in an onion and garlic, added curry paste, then my veggies and some powdered ginger (out of the real deal). It came out flat, a bit too one note, and the sweetness of the beets were not highlighted. If I make this again, I may likely add some apple juice or try it with coconut milk, though I think the apple juice or a cider may work best.
The next meh recipe I made this week was a Swiss Quiche. I made up the name myself because I used swiss chard and swiss cheese. I used a pre-made crust which was too small, and used up 8 egg whites that I had leftover from making french vanilla ice cream. I added half and half, thyme, salt, pepper, and rosemary. The flavor was fantastic, the cheese was a great compliment, and the beet greens I threw in were tasty. The texture however was another story. I always have a hard time getting a cohesive texture in my quiche, I have tried changing the milks to include a higher fat content, refrigerating it for a few hours, etc. and I still get a quiche that falls apart and is kind of mealy. Anyone have any suggestions? I have had much better quiche so I know it exists out there, I have even been to a tart restaurant in France where they were parfait!
The next few posts will have actual recipes that worked. Not always exciting, but I try to be different.

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  1. I haven't tried a bunch of different quiche recipes but I'm always happy with the recipe in my "White Grass Cafe Cross Country Cooking" cookbook. http://www.whitegrass.com/cafe.html
    Maybe I'll try to include it in an upcoming Root.