Monday, July 26, 2010

Guess What's in the Box

Woohoo! The box is going through some changes, and I must confess I am quite glad of it. Once the dreaded, "I am sick of vegetables" came out of my husband's mouth 2 weeks ago I became a bit apprehensive about the remainder of the summer. There are MANY more weeks left of food boxes, so we have a lot of vegetables to go through. G lovingly told me to remind my husband that he is in fact a vegetarian and so being sick of vegetables may prove to be a problem. Good thing he was really only talking about squash. And good thing the following box contained only 2 1/2 squash (that I still haven't used yet and we get another box tomorrow!).
This week's box was so colorful and fun I decided to take a photo of the contents. My favorite part: blackberries! Bigger than a quarter! I took a photo of the hubs eating one of them for a frame of reference.
In addition, tomato season has begun! I am excited about it, though the hubs will be much more apt to be sick of tomatoes long before he would ever be sick of squash. Good thing he practically drinks salsa and I have a jalapeno plant in my back yard bursting with jalapenos! I love to roast my tomatoes, onions, garlic, and peppers and then blend them. Recipes for that are sure to follow.
Now, looking at these contents, imagine them times 2! G and I have talked about photographing our entire box one day before we divide it up, it just has never happened. And yes, you do see a cantelope there! We got swiss chard, beets, cantelope, blackberries, green beans, squash, eggplant, tomatoes, escarole, lettuce, carrots, and I think I missed an item or two.
Wonder what is going to be in the box next week?

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