Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brussel Sprouts Throw Down

Last week I got in the mood to try brussel sprouts again. I have had them once, many years ago, and didn't think they were that bad. The hubs on the other hand, thinks they are dreadful. I bought a bag of fresh ones from Trader Joe's since they had none on the stalk, and brought them home with the intention of using Heidi from 101 cookbooks recipe in which she claims even the utmost of brussel sprout hater would like.

While in the kitchen prepping the brussel sprouts, the hubs came in to get a glass of water and noticed me halving the sprouts. This sight was proceeded by various complaints about how gross they were and something reminiscent of Ralphie's little brother's complaints in A Christmas Story, "Meatloaf, shmeatloaf, double beatloaf, I HATE meatloaf." I promised him that he would like them. Now, the hubs doesn't not like much, in fact, sitting here, I can't think of something he really doesn't like. Even on nights when I try a new recipe and it is so bad that I throw it away, he often finishes it off not to be wasteful. But brussel sprouts, watch out!

The golden crusted brussel sprouts were a hit. He loved them. And they were really easy. And the carmelized tofu I made with them was equally delicious, as well as the simple butternut squash and apple soup from Tasty Kitchen.

Last night, I made Bobby Flay's brussel sprouts from the Throwdown he did with Ree from The Pioneer Woman. I am glad she kicked his butt (sorry if you haven't seen it yet). But the hubs, after trying Heidi's sprouts, has since been asking for them, and really wanted to try Bobby's (yes, he watched Throwdown with me!).
So, last night, I trekked around trying to find pomegranate molasses and ended up buying a pomegranate juice blend and boiling it down. It never really boiled down, and after 1 hour and some change, I gave up. I made the vanilla pecan butter using up my last precious vanilla bean. Then I de-seeded my pomegranate in a bowl of water. And I sliced the sprouts off the stalk, sliced them in half, and baked them up with some carrots and tofu to round out the meal.

Throwdown results?

Heidi kicked butt. Bobby's were way more work than they were worth, and too buttery (even with only using half of the vanilla pecan butter). In addition, the overall total price of Bobby's sprouts was ridiculous. Pomegranate juice, vanilla bean, pecans, you get the point. Yet, for a special occasion like Thanksgiving, ok, perhaps. I still think Heidi's tasted better anyway.

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  1. The golden sprouts turned out great - even the kids loved them :) They tasted similar to when I've roasted them in the oven, but I like this method better since you can control where they brown. Thanks for the link!