Friday, December 10, 2010

Pear Jam

My first attempt at making any kind of preserves. It went, well, ok. They turned out goopy despite my best efforts to follow the recipe and added cooking time. I am convinced it is the recipe's error (insert humility here).

I began getting Food and Wine Magazine for free a few months back through a survey website I participate in. Their selections for free magazines was less than appealing, but better than their other offers, so I ordered Food and Wine for myself (funny because we don't drink wine at all), and Men's Fitness or something like that for the hubs. I get food (often not figure enhancing food) and he gets fitness (filled with supplement and gross pre-packaged food advertisements). I must say though, that the recipes in Food and Wine are marvelous, and I, the vegetarian, can often find quite pleasing recipes within that I am willing to try out. Next up on the que: yellow split-pea daal. Most likely tonight.

Back to the jam...the recipe is here for those of you interested in trying it out.

This was my first try and tester time so that when I give it as a gift I can be sure of it's goodness. Overall, the flavor was fabulous! and was enough to convince me to try it again.
I did use vanilla bean instead of cardamom, and will likely use 2 when I make my real batch next week. I love that this jam does not need to go through the canning process and says it can be good for up to 2 months if stored in the fridge.

This will *hopefully* be Christmas presents for some family friends this year. I bought some lovely jars from the grocery store to give them, and will likely wrap it in a cute ribbon. I will post photos once that day arrives, and if I can get the jam to be a more jam-like consistency.
So, the verdict: make some biscuits and try this one out!

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