Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Produce Shopping in the Winter

Sadly, the produce boxes have stopped flowing. Last week was our last week, and the box was still quite abundant with greens and squash and such. I have been brewing over how to produce shop this winter while my share is no more, though one plan I certainly have is to stop by Red Hill to purchase some crops available to members during the winter. After that, I hope to make it out to Gentille's to buy whatever is in season, local, and at the cheapest rate. This way, I can still keep up with a similar menu planning style instead of reverting back to my, "Whatever I feel like eating," habits. I will continue to try to eat seasonally and locally, building my menus around those foci instead of my own whims and pleasures. Slowly, I think this way is becoming more fun and healthier. Though I must admit that my meals this past week have been carb-loaded and veggie-less. I did make a carmelized tofu with brussel sprouts and a butternut squash soup one night though, yum. Post to follow on that. I have realized how without the box, I depend more on my pantry, no good! I intend on making my meals at least 1/2 a plate of veggies, and use less dairy. We shall see how that goes!

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