Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Orange Glazed Tempeh- Chinese Take-out

This was a wonderful alternative to Chinese take-out. For those of you who don't know, tempeh is an amazing and cheap meat alternative that is minimally processed. It is originally from Indonesia and is made from pressed and fermented soy beans and often other whole grains. There are different types of tempeh, and Trader Joe's near me carries it for under $2 for 8 oz. One 8 oz. package acts as 4 servings generally for us, and has good levels of b12 and protein. It is great also as an alternative to ground beef in things like chili or lasagna. One of my favorite ways to use it is as an open-faced smothered tempeh sandwich. Lately I have been craving chinese take-out and the hubs refuses, saying that our local options are worse than anything I would make. Quite the compliment ;) But it means I still need to cook. When in the mood for chinese, I am also a big fan of Aida Mollenkamp from food networks stir fry in which I generally substitute tofu or tempeh for the beef and often use whatever veggies I have. Her sauce is to die for. Chinese food is full of vegetables and generally quick to prepare, we often have some type of stir fry or curry once a week. This recipe was similar to a dish we enjoy at Pei Wei and much much cheaper. The recipe is from 101 cookbooks, though I did substitute brown rice from my rice cooker. The kale did in fact richly compliment the sweetness of the orange glaze and I happened to have a hearty portion from the farm. Orange Pan Glazed Tempeh

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