Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am awful, I know it. It has been over 2 weeks since my last post, and it wasn't even a recipe! I have been cooking, trust me. And I have been taking pictures, trust me. But the photos all are still languishing on my camera, yet to be downloaded to anything. Our laptop at home has a battery that is seeing it's last days, it drains within 5 minutes of unplugging it. Up until this point, I have grabbed my laptop from the office, my camera from the bar table in our parlour, and plopped down on the couch to watch food network while downloading my photos and posting at least one post. Well now, I would have to grab the power cord as well, which includes crawling on hands and knees under our massive desk in the office and unplugging the cord, then dragging both items downstairs and then getting the camera. Sound like a lot of work? It is. Now, why could I not just bring my camera upstairs you ask? Well, because there is no tv upstairs and I am slightly addicted. And honestly, it is not all that much work to lug the power cord downstairs with my laptop, but I can be lazy on weeknights. I apologize. But what have I been up to lately? I recently discovered the Pioneer Woman and her plothera of websites. She has been recommended to me before by many a friend, but I have always avoided her website, honestly, solely based upon name prejudice. I expected lots of red meat, butter, and pork fat drippings. And there is a lot of that, but there is a reason that people make those recipes: THEY TASTE AMAZING! She has many other less fat recipes, great food photography tips, and is a wonderful writer that inspires me to be more dedicated to this blog. But I must admit that the zero commenting dashes my spirits. Oh well, I cannot hope to be a good blogger followed by hoardes of drooling foodies by only posting every other week. I cannot attempt to be oh so lovely of a blogger, but one can dream right?


  1. Rise, fading spirits! A comment has been left.

  2. I have PW's cookbook, and many of her recipes saved on my computer...check out her cauliflower soup recipe! It's delicious, and I'm sure the sour cream can be substituted for something's mostly a thickening agent, although it does add some flavor. I've also made her "Penne a la Betsy" - it was a big hit (I ate mine sans shrimp, since I'm not into all that fishy stuff). that another comment?

  3. And one last thing...maybe a food blog shouldn't have a title of a post called "awful". :)