Saturday, May 22, 2010

Open Season!

Today was the tour and opening of Red Hill Farm for the season. They did a tour of the farm as well as sold seedlings. My husband and I went, toting a picnic lunch of a muffaletta sandwich and chamomile lemondade. We went with our friends with whom we are sharing our share and their kiddos. I bought a pepper plant as my other two that I got from a friend were mysteriously gone yesterday when I went out to water them...perhaps I should let my dog out in the yard more frequently! We learned some great tips about organic gardening while there as the farmers explained their methods. In this first pic, they often cover up their plants to protect them from critters. They were not sure what the fabric was made of, but it was tightly woven so that not even small insects could penetrate. They also talked about pests that pester the cucumbers and summer squash. Their remedy is some type of sprayable clay that they wait until the pests arrive to use. It is certified as an organic pest control, but our farmers stated that they waited longer than other, larger organic farms to use it. They also rely heavily on crop rotation that helps to relieve the pest problems. Clovers are planted in between the rows of crops as a great pathway, but also because they absorb the nitrogen into their roots and convert it into a more usable form for when it is tilled for the other plants. We got to tour the farm, see the large u-pick area, and meet a few of the members. I am extremely excited about the u-pick area, hoping that I get out there to pick. There are 2 large rows of blackberries, 4 of raspberries (my favorite!), and much, much more. We also saw the crops that we will be picking up next week, wonderful, colorful greens like spinach. Off to a good start!

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