Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is a blog documenting my family’s first attempt at a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box. My husband and I are on quest to become more socially responsible in our life, but I must stress that we are trying, and not perfectly either. Yes, we still choose things out of convenience, yes we still are energy mongers at times and yes, we do not always follow through with our goals. However, we do ascribe to the belief that change can start with one and make every effort to begin in our home. We are vegetarian, recycle as much as possible, and just got our first compost bin (still working out the ratio of brown/green matter). Through trial and error, we take steps every day to being more socially and environmentally responsible. This blog is mostly documenting my culinary attempts with a box of vegetables and a few fruits given to me by Red Hill Farms. My goal throughout the 22 week season is to not purchase any vegetables and cook only using those that were given to me. The recipes that follow with probably be varied, and have reviews at the end. Luckily, I have a husband that is not picky and will eat things even if they are not the greatest. We hope that through this our menu will become more local, organic, and seasonally appropriate. We are working at this one season at a time…


  1. awesome!
    i am trying to go with this idea more, its a bit harder with a family of 5 and a tight budget. so what i am doing is planting my own garden in my limited space and gorilla gardening in areas around me. i look forward to seeing what you cook. how fun. :)

  2. The things you cook always sound so wonderful, I will be stalking this blog (probably with drool on my chin) for ideas!