Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Menu Planning for the Week

Being Tuesday, I have already obviously cooked a few times since our pick-up on Friday.  Alas, my photos didn't turn out very well, nor did some of my recipes.  I attempted a sort-of Nicoise sandwhich and it just ended up tasting quite weird, not bad, just weird. 

We got an interesting variety this week, with waaay too many cherry tomatoes.  We still have some in the fridge, hopefully to be used tonight, and more growing on the vine in the backyard.  Oh boy.  I have to cut them up and hide them in other things that the hubs likes in order for him to choke them down.  The veggies we got:

swiss chard
cherry tomatoes
tomatillos (saving since they keep well in the fridge to make a salsa verde)
hot pepper
green beans
ground cherries

So, my plan for this week:

Mexican lasagna (using refried black beans, leftover corn tortillas, swiss chard, and some salsa)
black bean burgers and grilled watermelon
blackbean salad
chickpea cutlets and carrot salad
naked fajitas (no tortillas)
nicoise sandwhich and israeli couscous and tomato salad
huge batch of salsa for many of the recipes

What sounds interesting to post the recipe?  Chickpea cutlets? Grilled watermelon (planning on dressing with feta and mint)? 

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