Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paneer, Spinach, and Indian Tomato Sauce

The hubs and I are going out of town this weekend for 10 days on tour with his band.  We are having some friends split taking care of our dog, and I am entering my busy season at work (summer programs for teenagers).  Thus, my days have been filled with working late, going in early, and then coming home to clean my dog-filled house and prepping for camping/living out of a car for over a week. 

So, until I get a chance to update you on a few tasty treats (easy zucchini bread, homemade rolls, temepeh bbq, etc), I wanted to tempt you with a great Indian dish using up my spinach from last week.  Again, this recipe is from Mark Bittman's book, and I hesitate putting up too many of his recipes for your consumption.  Go buy the cookbook, it is worth it,  trust me, even if you don't buy the vegetarian one (though the recipes I am sure will be cheaper!). 

The dish begins with an Indian spicy tomato sauce flavored with curry and my own additions of dried fenugreek (best indian addition ever).  Then I wilted some spinach in the sauce and laid it in a baking dish.  I topped it with chickpeas and cubed paneer cheese.  This was great, and relatively easy (though next time I will double the sauce and freeze half), and wonderful with some Indian flat bread.  I must confess that Bittman's flat bread recipe fell well, flat in my book.  It was too hard and was too dry to bite into by the next day, even with reheating.  I think I will stick to my naan recipe for future dishes. 

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