Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crepas Fiestas

A few weeks ago all lovliness broke loose in my home.  The sink would not drain (thanks to mounds of melting snow), the burners on my stove would not light, and then the boiler broke.  After about a week of a non-draining sink, the dishes were quite piled up.  I ran the dishwasher a couple times, but it always backed up into the sink.  I lit the burners on my stove with a lighter, and the dog was so cold during the night that he jumped into bed with us (not very fun with an 80 pound dog). 

Well, the burners started magically working again when I made tea while waiting for the repair man.  Wahoo!  And the sink began to drain after I poured almost an entire extra large sized bottle of draino down it and the snow ceased melting for a few days (last resort after many home remedies).  The repair man fixed our 30+ year old boiler in about an hour and told us never to fix it again, shedding light on our insane utility bills during the winter.  All is well that ends well.

I made a version of crepas fiestas from Vegetarian times during this fiasco.  Why I chose to make something with so many dishes while my sink didn't work is beyond me.  Perhaps because I bought the ingredients when my sink still drained and was determined not to let them spoil (ingredients from my cheating days).  The photo above gives a slight glimpse into my kitchen that week (after a load of dishes had already been washed).

I made them in more of a lasagna style after realizing that my crepes were a bit too small to stuff.   I also topped them with guacamole (this is the same week that I had about an entire avacado a day in an attempt to satisfy my cravings for them).   So, if you have some time, this recipe was absolutely delicious! 

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