Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beet Ravioli

Simple yet complicated. Savory yet sweet.
(I forgot to take a photo until I put the leftovers into a plastic container for lunch the following day- sorry for the poor quality)
I wanted something daring, something new, something unexpected for my beets languishing in the bottom drawer of the fridge, mildly forgotten. I searched the web and scoured all of my favorite spots, including some sites that generally make me cringe a bit. Then, an old favorite revealed this wonderful recipe.
Certainly it will not be a recurring menu item for these two reasons: time and fat content. This meal is chock full of butter, whew, butter. But as a random special meal, it is great.
The filling could not have been more simple. Roast some beets, peel 'em, and mash 'em up. Add some ricotta (i added the entire container) and voila! (i neglected the milk on accident).
I did cheat and just use wonton wrappers, which I suggest for those of us not wanting to spend 3 hours preparing dinner. I had dinner guests and was going to be arriving home later than they would be arriving at my house so I filled the ravioli the morning of, and made the filling the night before. All in all it was not any more work than any other ravioli, perhaps more simple, just time consuming.

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