Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No-Knead Bread and a Muffaletta

I have been trying to make bread more often instead of buying it...you know exactly what is in it, save money, and what beats bread still warm from the oven? One of the first recipes introduced to me by Mark Bittman was for a bread that you seriously mix together until barely combined, then let it sit for a day, and bake it.  Now, this is my kind of bread. 

For some reason, I have put off trying this recipe, though I must say that any reason to not make this bread seems a little paltry considering the amount of time dedicated compared to most other yeast breads.  I finally decided to make it (the one down side is waiting a day and thus having to plan a day ahead) for a muffaletta.

Try it tomorrow, the no knead bread recipe, or try watching the video if you happen to be a more visual learner.  Or simply watch it for the sheer wonderfulness that is the ease of making this bread, it really is simply barely mixing the ingredients and then letting it sit.

Now, I made the bread for a muffaletta but it wasn't quite tall enough for the general idea, so I sliced the bread and made what I could of the sandwich (every time I make it tends to turn out in a mess).  The hubs came home after I ate dinner, so I left the fixings out for him to pile his own sandwich.

I grilled onions, peppers, eggplant, and mushrooms, but do you see that pile in the left foreground of the photo?  That is the skin that I peeled off the peppers and left there until I could make it to the compost bin.  And despite my best intentions, I forgot to warn my less-than-observant husband that it was not something he should eat.  Upon walking into the kitchen while my husband was assembling his sandwich, I noticed a huge pile of pepper skin on top of his sandwich, and proceeded to lose it.  He stared in confusion until I was composed enough to tell him that he shouldn't eat the skin, to which he replied, "Why not?"  Well folks, I guess that is a legitimate question...and the answer is probably just that it doesn't have as pleasing of a texture, but if you are so inclined, go for it.

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