Monday, April 4, 2011

Indian Style Mustard Greens Pizza

I have been inspired as of late to attempt to create Indian dishes at home.  Now, this has led me to one thing my husband dreads. 

Buying spices.

Now, let me clarify.  The hubs loves trying new food, he loves ethnic food, and he has no problem supporting my habit of trying new recipes.  What he does have a problem with is budget-breaking grocery store trips.  And let me tell you, spices can get expensive. 

That is, until recently.  Until recently I frequented grocery stores for my spices, places like Trader Joe's and Giant.  While good ol' TJ's is not as pricey as the main line grocery stores, it is still on average $1.99 for a jar of spice.  And why pay so much the next time if I already have a jar?

As of late I have been purchasing my spices at a local bulk store, the Head Nut (highly recommended).  I usually get 3 oz for under $2.  Mind you, those jars I purchase from the store are usually 1 oz, and at Giant or Target could cost upwards of $5-6.  I can get smoked paprika, hungarian paprika, mexican oregano, garlic powder, cardamom, and more!  I love getting a spice that is 39 cents per ounce! 

I also have been getting Food and Wine magazine for free through a survey company online.  Great stuff.  And inside of a recent issue, they interviewed an Indian Chef who gave some favorite recipes.  This was pretty easy, super tasty, and a wonderful way to get a ton of greens into your diet.

I made Indian Style Mustard Greens and put it atop some naan that I made for the first time! After topping with mozarella, which is an easy substitute for paneer if you don't have access to an indian grocery store,  I baked it in the oven at 400 for about 10 minutes, just until everything was hot. 

For the naan recipe, go here.  The best/most important thing about the naan was to put it on top of my gas burner for a minute or two (with close close watch) to get the char that you get at indian restaurants.  It does get a bit hard day 2, so I am trying out a new recipe soon, or reheat in the oven. 

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