Friday, March 18, 2011

Mark Bittman and How We Got Here

taken from, photo by mike licht

If you have 20 minutes to at least play and listen, go ahead and spend some time with this one:

How We Got Here

Mark Bittman, The Minimalist, speaks about the over production of meat and junkfood in our country.  How we must go further than simply buying organic, or going vegetarian.  We eat at least twice as much protein as the USDA recommends, which is 1/2 pound of meat a week. 

Summary: Eat more vegetables, grow them locally, sustainably.  Stop making animals industrially and stop eating them thoughtlessly.  Prevent killer diseases that plague our nation by simply cutting down on animals and their products.  And do it not only for our own health, but also those of our neighbors and our children.

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